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Seerat-un-Nabi ﷺ (the biography of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ) Encyclopedia is a 100 volume, thoroughly researched grand project that would initially be published in 3 languages followed by 12 other major languages later on. This encyclopedia will encompass all the aspects of the Holy Prophet ﷺ in such a unique and comprehensive manner that it will become the most eminent work done on Seerat till date.

Each volume of this encyclopedia would be unique, shedding the light on the different facets of the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. For example, the volume on the ‘Blessed Physique of the Holy Prophet ﷺ’ would discuss the fragrance of his privileged existence, the unparalleled composition of the bodily organs, the eminence of his height and built, the beauty of his complexion, the precise balance of his head, the length and shortness of his blessed hair, the gleaming complexion of his face, the white marbled blush of his cheeks, the shine of his forehead, the beauty of his sparkling eyes, his long and beautiful eyelashes, the perfect construction of lips, the whiteness of the teeth, the expanse of his chest, the delicacy of his blessed feet, the swiftness in walking, the softness of his hands, the strength of his fingers, the charm of his voice, the sweetness of his speech, the flow of his sermon, his audibility, his far-sightedness, the blessings of touch, the supremacy of his saliva, the bounties of his single glance, the elatedness of his generosity, the strength of his body, his umbilicus and circumcision. While other volumes would contain details on the ability of his pure heart to retain revelations, the conversational method, the entirety in his speech, the horizon of his imagination, the factuality of his dreams, the state of alertness while in sleep, his countless miracles etc. In short, it is aimed to encompass fastidious detail on the life of the Beloved Holy Prophet ﷺ.

Some volumes will consist of his habits, lifestyle, character, conduct, goodness, uniqueness, features, favors, travels, tours, gatherings, his ways of standing, sitting, walking, moving, halting, residing, eating, drinking, clothing, turban (Imama), cap, blessed shoes (N’alain), his cloak, his walking stick, his sword, his daggers, bows, arrows, shields, armour, utensils, domestic stuff, and all the animals farmed and kept by him in an encyclopedic manner.

Few volumes would be dedicated for the meetings which the Holy Prophet ﷺ held with the heads of states, tribal leaders, wartime commanders, army chiefs, political representatives, and the leaders of nations, children of the known and unknowns, relatives, family and friends, questions and answers sessions, and his pearls of advices.

The volumes pertaining to military and political aspects will discuss the just and merciful conduct of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with the bitterest enemies, treaties with the non-Muslims (Jews, Christians, pagans, hypocrites) living in the Islamic state, the rules of war, battle strategy, conduct with war prisoners, and important social, political systems.

Separate volumes would be designed for the Mothers of the Believers (wives of the Holy Prophet ﷺ), Prophet Muhammad’s treatment with elderly ladies, female slaves, young girls; the handicapped, the forced, the helpless, the poor, the orphans, and elderly people.

Special volumes would feature the teachings of the Holy Prophet ﷺ for international diplomacy, rights and responsibilities of the diplomats, judicial systems, economic and financial systems, morality, ethics, would be designed which will also discuss how he dealt with the situations in his time, and how he gave such grand teachings which are so comprehensive that they would become the guidebook for all the people of the world till the day of Resurrection.

After presenting the complete details about the life of the Noble Prophet ﷺ, we shall address and counter all the forged allegations and questions raised by the Orientalists over several volumes. These volumes would be fact based and will raze the foundations of the poorly attempted defamations by them. The answers would be evidence based and inshahAllah would clarify all these misconceptions. Through this Grand Encyclopedia Project on Seerat, we aim to inform the people and the international universities, think tanks, political and military leaders, social and economic policy makers, thinkers, philosophers – institutions and people pertaining to every aspect of life (who are unaware of Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ status,) and invite them to see the truth, and come towards the religion of Allah. (Islam)

For Muslims, this Encyclopedia would be served as a guide for every aspect of their lives. It would increase their love to the Holy Prophet ﷺ, motivate them to observe Sunnah (ways of the Holy Prophet ﷺ), and attain eternal happiness i.e. success in this world and the hereafter.

This project is a special blessing and honour from Allah, and a special service to the Holy Prophet ﷺ because Prophet Muhammad’s ﷺ name is so high and sublime, that Allah Almighty took the responsibility of exalting his name upon Himself. Humanity, with its limited intellect, is unable to express the status of exaltedness of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Still, out of billions, if some people are given the opportunity to work on it, then indeed it is a blessing from Allah Almighty.

I would like to invite all the Muslims of this world to support us in any way they can. If Allah accepts any aspect of our work, effort, wealth, or any form of support, then we are the luckiest people on earth. It is for these people that Allah has promised eternal mercy, blessings and unimaginable rewards.

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Engr. Imran Qureshi, President of Seerat Encyclopedia Project, is a renowned businessman a

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Director General

Dr. Habib-ur-Rehman, Director General, DBF Seerat Research Project, is an eminent scholar.

Prof. Mufti Imran Khan


Prof. Mufti Imran Khan, Senior Researcher & Director of DBF Seerat Research Project, i

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Manager Operations

Shah Rafi Uddin Hamdani – Author/ Editor (English) & Manager Operations of DBF Seerat

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Mufti Rafiullah Saeed-ul-Haq, is an eminent scholar of South Africa. For DBF Seerat Research Centre, he is serving as a Director and his services are precious for this project.

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Dr. Saqib Muhammad Khan is a proficient educationalist and a scholar par excellence. For t

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Honorary Director

Prof. Dr. Umair Mahmood Siddiqui is an eminent Scholar of the era who has written numerous

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